Essential Oils for Essential Cleaning


Essential Oils for Essential Cleaning

November 11, 2020

When searching for a home cleaning service, look to options that dig deep in getting the job done right. You want a home cleaning service that is all-natural and helps leave your home better off. One great option we recommend here at Nature Pro Cleaning as part of your home cleaning service needs are essential oils. 

Essential oils are all-natural solutions that help clean surfaces and freshen up your home in a big way. On top of that, they are non-toxic and safe for you and others. These five essential oils below will show you how they each help give your home a fresh, quality clean.

Lemon Oil

One great essential oil commonly used as a home cleaning service option is lemon oil. This fresh oil helps kill off viruses and dissolves any dirt it comes across with. Lemon oil is great for kitchens, toilets, wood floors, and furniture. The best part is that it contains no chemicals and gives your home that fresh, citrusy smell.

Pine Oil

Pine oil is another essential oil that is great for your home cleaning service needs. It is great at removing germs and fungi like E-coli. Pine oil is also great at getting rid of mold and mildew. This works well on walls and floors that will give your home that fresh, clean scent.

Peppermint Oil

An essential oil that will really help deliver results for your home cleaning service needs is peppermint oil. It helps kill bacterias and fungi from surfaces and digs deep to remove junk hidden in your home. Peppermint oil is best known for killing off pests and rodents making it an all-natural exterminator. It also is a quality, streak-free cleaning solution for your glass and mirrors.

Tea Tree Oil

If you’re looking for an essential oil that will protect the health of your family, then look to tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is one of the strongest cleansing oils against germs, bacteria, viruses, and bugs. In fact, it can even kill off flu viruses within two hours after exposure according to a National Library of Medicine study. This proves that tea tree oil is a top-tier solution in fighting off germs and keeping your family healthy.

Lavender Oil

Lastly, lavender oil is a quality essential oil that brings you relief for you and your family. It is another quality home cleaning service solution that helps remove bacteria and odor. In addition, lavender is a great solution for cleaning your mattress while adding a relaxing scent. That same scent works well to reduce stress and brings to you a good night’s sleep. What a relief indeed.

Essential Oils Are Essential For Your Home Cleaning Service Needs

There is no question that essential oils are an essential option for your home cleaning service needs. They are great at killing off germs, ensures a long-lasting shine, and helps bring your relief to you and your family. With the essential oils that Nature Pro Cleaning has to offer, your home will be in great hands.

To learn more about our essential oils and other home cleaning service options, please contact Nature Pro Cleaning today. We provide a variety of home, office, and commercial cleaning options for residents across the Wasatch Front. Call us at 801-900-3874 or send us an email at [email protected] to get a free quote. Let us make your home shine today.

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